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Leather jacketAs I bid farewell to my old home Blogger and start a new chapter here at WordPress, I took an afternoon to look through the style blog I maintained for the past 3 years and what a journey it has been! From the first post to the last, I can’t believe how far I have come! Since I have to leave most of my posts behind, I would like to share with you my style journey through the last three years with many hit and miss. Enjoy!

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My first outfit post ever!


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Style :: Laid Back Casual

Casual fashion

Yes, our ‘winter’ is finally here. When I say winter it means 21 low, 28 high. Pathetic right? But for the desert people like us, that is a huge deal. These pictures were taken last Wednesday, during H&M Home brunch event at a beach club called Meydan.

Since it was a casual event, I wanted to be as laid back as possible, sprinkled with some bohemian infusion, but without looking like a ‘hobo’ or under dressed. Well, lets face it, some tend to associate casual dressing with sloppy. Looking at these pictures, I realized that I should have gone with plain scarf instead.

The colorful scarf and bag seemed to be fighting for attention here. Oh, well… even Victoria Beckham had her fair share of style ‘boo-boo’ let alone a mere mortal like moi, right?
So, did I manage to do this so called casual laid back look successfully? Well, I think I did alright.. I definitely felt comfortable, at ease and that for me was a battle half won already!
Let me know what you think, ok? I could use a pointer or two :)

Fashion blog Dubai

Fashion blog Dubai


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Tank :: Top Shop
Jacket :: Zara
Jeans :: Siwy
Shoes :: Aldo
Bag :: Claires
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Lifestyle :: H&M Home

Home decor and me went a long way. I remember my first serious attempt of decorating a dream home. It was way back in the 90s when I first moved into a small house with my best friend. Well, I was (so was she) more of a hippie chick and we tried to express ourselves by turning the house into a ‘cool’ crib. I remember picking up some random dead tree stump and turned it into a coffee table, risking our lives trying to hang a nice piece of printed wall cloth from the ceiling and many idiotic unbelievable stunts just to have the place of our dreams. Well, that was eons ago but still after that first experience, I never turned my back from trying again and again, putting serious effort (and sleepless nights not to mention)  with every new house I moved to. Different every time but always a joy.
So when I found out that H&M Home is opening its first store in Dubai soon, I was actually curious and thrilled! I was invited to the preview of their Spring collection that will be on offer soon and what an adorable array of pastel, dainty little decors, gorgeous dinnerware, luxurious bathroom accessories and fabulous collection of bed linens (cute ones for kids too!) Seriously, too adorable! Maybe pastel might not fit into the theme of my present house (rustic vintage) but I can foresee some dinnerware from this H&M Home spring collection adorning my dining table :)
H&M promise the same approach to their home collection as their clothing line – fashionable yet affordable which I am sure will be received well by the public. So, to all you ‘fashionistas’ in Dubai or for those living in a city that has yet to have H&M Home available and visiting Dubai anytime soon, mark your calender, as the home collection will be available in the existing H&M store in Deira City Center this March!

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Style :: Poncho Sweat

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That was me, last weekend while going around town with the boys doing a few errands. I grabbed the poncho sweat top from the recent sale at a very small price. It makes a great layering piece. I thought it was different as it has the shape of a poncho with a typical sweats neckline. It was very comfortable and that immediately was a selling point for me :)
The jeans are the latest in my denim collection and as I sit here typing, I have another pair in the mail heading my way and this time is in black. I am a huge fan of Current Elliot jeans and I thought their Boyfriend jeans were the best, most comfortable and stylish jeans I’ve ever own until now. This pair of The Fling is by far a whole lot better! It has the same slouch as the Boyfriend but with a more tapered leg opening. An advice if you are looking to buy this pair is that they run big so, do size down. I have an *ehem* ample bottom so one size down was already good. But if I wanted a more slouchy look, I should stick to my original size. Since I already have a few pairs of super slouchy Boyfriend jeans, I went with a more fitted look. Finally I found a straight cut jeans that fits my body type. Seriously I am beginning to find the skinny look is a bit over rated.
 Balenciaga City
Dubai Fashion blog

So, do you have a favorite pair of jeans? Do you think skinny jeans are a bit over rated? I would love to hear your opinion :)
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Poncho :: Bershka
Jeans :: Current Elliot ‘The Fling’
Shoes :: TOMS 
Bag :: Balenciaga ‘City’
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