The End


The new year has arrived and with it comes┬ánew resolutions, ┬ánew beginnings that are welcomed with joy, hope and good spirit. Some even have a major event to look forward to – a wedding, a new addition to the family, a new job.. Continue reading

Travel :: Staten Island’s best kept secret (to us)


While I was recovering from my recent surgery, Captain (with the doctor’s green light) thought it was good for me to go out and get a breath of fresh air. We then planned a small half day trip to Staten Island. Continue reading

Lifestyle :: Buying Chanel bags

Chanel bag

Chanel Medium Flap circa 1999

I have some readers and friends that asked me tips on buying Chanel bags, like which style to get, size and what not. Actually, owning a few Chanels does not make me an expert in the bags but I have my own ideas and rules that I follow when buying bags in general. Continue reading