Random :: Summer update

Hermes GP Moutarde


Another week! Time passes by swiftly especially when you are busy, and it was a busy week for me. I have guests coming in from Italy, vacations to plan and yes, I also turned 45 last Friday! It was a busy week indeed so, please excuse me if I had not been active in Blogsphere the past week.

You see that beautiful orange bag above? That’s my birthday treat from Captain, an Hermes Garden Party in Moutarde color. It was made of Vache Country leather, which is lighter than the usual Negonda leather GPs are normally made in. Light is good especially when I plan to use this bag as my travel bag. The color is bright, perfect for summer, BUT I have to be careful with dirt and color transfer which I am not looking forward to. Anyway, thank you, Captain for this treat!

Hermes Garden Party in Moutarde. The color changes slightly according to lighting.

I will be on vacation starting this week until the end of August and will be on the blog very minimal. We will be everywhere between NewYork and Kuala Lumpur during these weeks and if you follow me on Instagram, I will update my travel there. Meanwhile, I wish all of you, my most cherished readers and friends a cheerful summer wherever you might be! See you all soon!


Style :: Kaftan dress

20150717_151327 (2)

Last Friday was Eid, the day that marked the end of Ramadhan and Dubai was back to its usual fast pace. All restaurants were back operating as usual and those who celebrated took the opportunity to host some parties and gathering. We were invited to one of these parties and for the occasion, I chose to wear this new purple kaftan dress.

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Ditched :: Burnt Red Jeans

DSCF4102 (401x800)

*sigh* That was one great pair of jeans. But this burnt red jeans by Rich and Skinny had to end up in the ‘To go’ pile when I had my closet thoroughly edited recently. Shame. Continue reading