Hello, all! It’s been a little over 2 months since I last posted something on the blog and since then nothing much has happened except for the obvious – recovering from the surgery. I would like to thank everybody who sent me well wishes and encouragements throughout the past months and know that they mean a lot to me.

You see I am not a brave person. I wish I am, but the truth is I was so scared. An hour before my procedure, I was considering of backing out but as Captain put it, the longer I wait, to harder it would be. The worst was the night after the surgery. It was so painful even after pain-killers and all that can be given. But the next day, everything seemed to look promising. The pain subsided and next 2 months went pretty slow.

After 2 months of recovery process, I fully healed but the surgery proved to be only 50% successful. I have to go back to have the same procedure done in a few months and hopefully this time it will be 100% done. Many asked me what exactly did I do? Without going into lengthy detail, I had a benign growth removed and since I have a history of bad scarring, I had to have it done using the cryotherapy procedure. The recovery process of cryotherapy is messy and long, longer than the normal conventional surgery and the success rate depends from person to person.

Well, I recovered just in time to enjoy the arrival of good weather in Dubai and I hope to resume blogging soon. Meanwhile, I wish all of you a good week and thank you again for all the well wishes.


Random :: New York Fashion Week (Not!)

This appeared in my inbox a couple of weeks ago. It would be fun to go..

New York Fashion Week is here again and I am heading towards the city!

I will land in JFK just when New York City is exploding with runway shows and after-parties, the streets filled with celebrities and fashionistas from all over the world strutting in their right on trend outfits, eager to see what’s in store for next Spring/Summer. I will then grab a cab and go to my hotel room, get ready and head straight to the surgery room.

Yes, you read it correct – the surgery room. Unfortunately, I am not going to be in New York City for the Fashion Week but for a small surgery. I will not be able to do much, let alone see the excitement on the street of New York during this busy and colorful time of the year. My only hope is that after a few days, I will be able to take a slow walk in the park, breathe some fresh air, see some early signs of fall and not confine to the room alone. What a way to spend in the greatest city in the world during the best time of the year! Well, it is all for a greater good.

Meanwhile, I will try to blog from New York City and send some updates (boring ones) and of course, catch up with some reading on my favorite blogs! Until then, Take care all!

Lifestyle :: handbag maintenance pt 2 – Storing


Hello, welcome to my second part of handbag maintenance segment where I share with you my routine of caring for my precious handbags. If you missed the first part, you can catch it here and if already did, let’s move on to the subject of storing the bag.

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