Style :: Bohemian Inspired Dress

retro inspired dress

If you have read a post I wrote about my style icons the Olsen Twins a few weeks back, you would know that I adore bohemian inspired dresses. The twins are known for their fabulous collection of these dresses and they are usually one of a kind vintage pieces that a mere mortal like me could only dream of. You might wonder, what exactly about these dresses that attracts me?  Continue reading

Lifestyle :: Purse Organizer

Chameleon Purse Organizer

Chameleon Purse Organizer in large size

Imagine this scenario – You are standing in the front a cashier counter with a long queue behind you, trying to fish out your wallet from the bottom of your purse, buried underneath all the ‘junks’ you carry with you in it. The cashier patiently waiting for you while the rest of the customers behind you start to roll their eyes or exhale impatiently. Continue reading

Style :: Black and White With A Twist

Balenciaga City bag

Black and white color combination is like an old tale.. it’s simply old news! But this old news is definitely not outdated or out of trend but fresh, and evergreen! Yes, I agree, black and white can be pretty boring, so how do we steer away from being plain or simply blah? Continue reading