Style :: Waterproof Trench coat in Amsterdam

Waterproof trench coat

Waterproof trench coat with no rain.

2 days ago, I took a micro-break from the hot and dusty Dubai and accompany Captain on his flight to the cool and somewhat windy Amsterdam. I checked the weather forecast and since it says scattered shower, windy and cloudy with a temperature of about 13 degrees Celcius, I decided to bring my waterproof trench coat with me.

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Style :: A touch of red.. or two!


Red is really a powerful color. I was trying on this ensemble of black and blue and I thought it didn’t look right. I then pulled out my red bag and Continue reading

Lifestyle :: Per Te – a Dubai Italian Experience

Per Te Dubai


It is customary for our household to take a break from our own kitchen every Friday and head out for lunch or dinner. The maid is off on Friday and I normally am up to cooking only for one meal out of the two big ones. A few weeks ago we headed out to an Italian restaurant called Per Te for the very first time and ever since that day, we quickly became a regular!  Continue reading